Available courses

Module -I

Incidence and type of microorganisms in food and milk. Contamination and Spoilage of food and milk, Principles of food preservations. Analysis of microbial quality of food and milk. Preservation and preparation of milk products. Fermented food products and beverages.


Module -II

Lactic Acid Bacteria- homo and heterolactic fermentations and application. Probiotics, Prebiotics, Synbiotics, Nutraceuticals, Single cell protein, Production of edible mushroom, Food poisoning - Food borne diseases, Newer pathogens and emerging foodborne diseases. Indicators of food microbial quality: Coliforms, Enterococci, Bifidobacteria, Coliphages and Enteroviruses, Food safety management- HACCP.


Module -III

Introduction to microbes in industrial processes. Isolation and screening of industrially useful microorganisms, Primary and secondary screening, Strain improvement in industrial microbiology; improvement of characters other than product yield. Preservation of strains


Module -IV

Design of a fermentor, instrumentation and process control; Types of fermentors. Types of fermentations: aerobic and anaerobic; Submerged and Solid State; Dual. Fermentation media formulation and modification. Kinetics of growth in batch, continuous, fed-batch fermentation, Fermentation process: Inoculum preparation, Scaling up of fermentation, Assayof fermentation products (physical, chemical and biological assay). Downstream processing.


Module -V

Microbes in the production (microbial strains, substrate, flow diagrams, product optimization, and applications) of the following: Industrial alcohol; organic acids, amino acids, alkaloids, vitamins; antibiotics. Microbial transformations of steroids.